Saturday, 28 June 2014

Oglaf: It’s Dirty, It’s Funny, It’s Oglaf!

A Review By: Amelia

Web comics can be an intimidating thing to get in to. Some you can read on a one-shot basis like Dinosaur Comics. Others you have to start at the beginning or you’ll be so lost and it will be more of a hassle than a joy. Homestuck, I’m looking at you for that one! And what if you’re looking for something in between that? A web comic that has one-shot panels but also panels that form an ongoing story? Well, I think you’ll find this review is for the comic you’re looking for (barring the fact that it does have a lot of sex in it, but more on that later)!

Oglaf comics are a weekly comedic web comic centred on a medieval fantasy realm that are mostly one-shots. The comics follow non-repeating characters but there are continuing storylines/repeating characters (like the Apprentice storylines that make up 90% of the beginning of the comics life). And yes, like I briefly mentioned just above, Oglaf has a tonne of nudity and sex–so here’s the mandatory disclaimer: if you are under the legal age in your region, or have a poor opinion of sex, humour, dragons, elves, sorcery, semen or any combination of the like, this comic (and review) is not recommended for you! The Oglaf comics are updated weekly on Sundays at!

There are two authors/illustrators that work on Oglaf: Doug Bayne and Trudy Cooper. Bayne is an Australian animator, actor, and writer and Cooper is an Australian cartoonist and illustrator. Both their primary works include Oglaf and Platinum Grit (

A personal favourite of mine
The art style of Oglaf is really quite wonderful considering how some people get away with doodles and dot eyes for web comics! Not that I don’t love me some dot eyes, but Oglaf’s  realistic form with correct human proportions and anatomy–and trust me, you’ll be seeing a lot of anatomy if you catch my drift–is quite beautiful. All the comic panels are also in colour which is always nice. My one qualm with the art style is that all the faces are quite similar. The female faces are slightly more varied, as I believe a lot of that comes down to hair style; unfortunately though, the male faces are all kind of the same: eyebrows, eyes, noses, their expressions. It’s not a huge issue and it certainly doesn’t detract from the overall experience, it’s just something you’re bound to notice after prolonged readings.

 My final thoughts on Oglaf are that it’s my favourite web comic and if you’re looking for a new comic to slate a thirst of hilarity and sexiness this is the comic for you! The art is great, the stories never fail to amuse, it updates weekly and since it’s mostly one-shots you can jump right in to the newest ones or go through the huge archive, and, hell, who doesn’t love a good NSFW comic every now and again?

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